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I got my professional photos in the mail today and have already uploaded them to my Flickr! I'm pretty excited! There are some great shots there and it was pretty cool looking through them with my husband and reliving the day a bit.
We got married on Oct. 11th at a lovely little (and haunted - orbs show up in a few photos) castle in Upstate NY. We had and early afternoon wedding and reception. I sewed my own dress (it was an undertaking..) and my husband's vest, as well as the ties for the groomsmen. We had the Archdruid of Ar nDraoicht Fein perform the handfasting ceremony and then we had a great time eating Mediterranean hors d'oeuvres, dancing to awesome music (our DJ totally accomodated our weird and geeky music tastes), and playing board games! I only wish it could've lasted longer!
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The Phoenix Feathers


I am currently looking for contributors for a new e-zine called The Phoenix Feathers. We are looking for people who would like to write about their chosen earth based religion and see it published on a new online community forum.

Do you enjoy writing? Are you Pagan? Are you Heathen? Are you Wiccan? Have you ever considered publishing your work? Do you attend a regular drum circle, or meditation circle? Do you have artwork that you would like to share with the community to gain exposure? Tell us about it!

We are looking for contributors who are willing to publish informative articles about their angels, guides, matrons, patrons, ritual formats, and experiences. We are also seeking people to do reviews of local drum circles, concerts, public rituals, festivals, etc.

All Submissions and Inquiries can be sent to


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7 months out or so...

I've been lurking in this community for a while, trying to get some ideas for my wedding on 06-07-08. I'm pagan (rather an eclectic mix of Wiccan & Egyptian beliefs), while my fiance is agnostic. We'd like to incorporate some pagan ideas into the ceremony, without it "taking over" the entire feel (some in-laws wouldn't be pleased, let's just say). We definitely want to do a handfasting...but what else can I write into the ceremony? I'd like to have the elements present and perhaps a reading that is more pagan in nature? Any thoughts? Thanks!

Crystals for Handfasting

What stone would you give to your to be spouse for a handfasting gift?  Any thoughts?


I'm curious. For those of you who have already gotten married, and for those of you planning your weddings, what are you planning to do about DJs? Did you or will you have a DJ at your reception? Will you have a band or minstrels? Was the music Pagan oriented, popular, or mixed?



Hi Everyone!

I just stumbled across this community, and I was wondering if there was anyone here from Maine? My fiance and I are getting married in September, and he would really like to do a handfasting ceremony. However, the coven that he used to belong to, he doesn't really get along with anymore.

If there is anyone out there from Maine, I'd love to speak with you about the possibly of doing that.


Handfasting books

I just wanted to share that I recently read the following books on handfasting:

Romantic Guide To Handfasting: Rituals, Recipes & Lore by Franklin and Handfasting & Wedding Rituals: Welcoming Hera's Blessing by Raven.

I don't know how many of you who are planning weddings have looked into Pagan-specific books, but I highly recommend these. Handfasting & Wedding Rituals was recommended to me by a friend. It had a lot of full rituals that could offer a lot of inspiration - Greek, Roman, Norse and Celtic inspired, as well as gay and lesbian rituals. There were also numerous ideas on how to present rings, introduce the broom jump, and vows. This book included a helpfully inspirational list on favors. Another interesting - and potentially helpful - aspect of this book were its ritual levels. Each ritual (or vow, or broom jump introduction) came with a level from 1-3 indicating how "Pagan" it was. In other words, this book comes with ideas helpful to those who may want a Pagan influence on their wedding while still remaining in the broom closet, as it were. Along with some other helpful/interesting pieces, this book can be a great inspiration to any Pagan planning a wedding. However this book is heavily influenced by Wicca and ceremonial magic. Not that I have anything against these two amazing and beautiful systems, but I consider myself more of a Druid in training. I've been in ADF for almost a year now, and would like a ceremony along those lines sans calling the quarters, etc. While this book may not be the type where a Druid or reconstructionist could lift the rituals off the pages, it could be very inspirational.

The other book, Romantic Guide was a bit more helpful. It offered more historical background on handfasting as well as legal and moral issues concerned with such a ritual. The author also presented the material while understanding the difference among Pagan beliefs. I thought the Celtic ceremony in her book was written very well, and I may borrow bits from it in my own.

Both books were really great. One may be more appropriate for a witch, Wiccan, or ceremonial magician, but each are valuable pieces of inspiration. I highly recommend them to the community!


handfasting Idea

Hello... i stumbled across this group at 3 in the morning wandering google for pagan wedding ideas. I figured i would share what me and my boyfriend are doing. We are planning on getting married on june 6 2009 (our anniversary)and we are going to do an "engagement" ceremony a year and a day before. we are doing it this way so that both our families can be involved because my family is pagan or spiritual his family is hardfast catholic. So we decided to call what i know as a commitment type ceremony an engagement ceremony. We plan on that being a small ceremony with just close family and friends in our yard. We are going to call corners and ask each element to help us during the planning of the wedding. Also that is when i will officially get my engagement ring. Then at the wedding we are going to have a large ceremony with all our friends and family in which we will combine some "regular" wedding activities(wedding party, walking down the isle, ring exchange) and some pagan ceremonies (calling the corners, binding our hands, unity candles.) This is going to be fairy themed probably in Lavender(I have always said this was going to be my wedding color) and forest green (his favorite color)Hopefully we can get a nice outdoor place for the wedding and then we plan on having a party after the ceremony with food and dancing.

Something Different

This is a Baqua Quadrant Calling I wrote for a friend of mine, years ago. It was also the first handfasting I officiated at as a priestess. I stepped down as a priestess long time ago. But, the notes for it was floating around and I recently revised it with attached notes for the handfasting I did.


To get the ball rolling...

Who here has already been handfasted? How many are planning a wedding? Has anyone here been involved in a handfasting without being the bride or groom?