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Handfasting books

I just wanted to share that I recently read the following books on handfasting:

Romantic Guide To Handfasting: Rituals, Recipes & Lore by Franklin and Handfasting & Wedding Rituals: Welcoming Hera's Blessing by Raven.

I don't know how many of you who are planning weddings have looked into Pagan-specific books, but I highly recommend these. Handfasting & Wedding Rituals was recommended to me by a friend. It had a lot of full rituals that could offer a lot of inspiration - Greek, Roman, Norse and Celtic inspired, as well as gay and lesbian rituals. There were also numerous ideas on how to present rings, introduce the broom jump, and vows. This book included a helpfully inspirational list on favors. Another interesting - and potentially helpful - aspect of this book were its ritual levels. Each ritual (or vow, or broom jump introduction) came with a level from 1-3 indicating how "Pagan" it was. In other words, this book comes with ideas helpful to those who may want a Pagan influence on their wedding while still remaining in the broom closet, as it were. Along with some other helpful/interesting pieces, this book can be a great inspiration to any Pagan planning a wedding. However this book is heavily influenced by Wicca and ceremonial magic. Not that I have anything against these two amazing and beautiful systems, but I consider myself more of a Druid in training. I've been in ADF for almost a year now, and would like a ceremony along those lines sans calling the quarters, etc. While this book may not be the type where a Druid or reconstructionist could lift the rituals off the pages, it could be very inspirational.

The other book, Romantic Guide was a bit more helpful. It offered more historical background on handfasting as well as legal and moral issues concerned with such a ritual. The author also presented the material while understanding the difference among Pagan beliefs. I thought the Celtic ceremony in her book was written very well, and I may borrow bits from it in my own.

Both books were really great. One may be more appropriate for a witch, Wiccan, or ceremonial magician, but each are valuable pieces of inspiration. I highly recommend them to the community!



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Jun. 1st, 2007 08:07 am (UTC)
I have also found Handfasting and Wedding Rituals to be an invaluable resource in my planning.
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