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Pagan Weddings

Pagan Wedding
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My boyfriend and I have been talking a lot about getting married, and we'd like to have a Pagan wedding. I decided to see if there was an lj community for such a topic. Another friend of mine, before she got married, joined a forum for general wedding planning, and it helped her come up with some great ideas for her ceremony (non-Pagan, however). I figured it would help me, but I wanted a forum devoted to handfasting. I was shocked to see that there was not such a place on lj. I decided to start one. Even if you aren't currently planning a wedding, I'd love for people to join. I don't just want the community to be about planning Pagan weddings, but also about reflecting on what one would have done differently in their own. I want people to discuss the history of weddings and handfasting - both in general and relating to a person's culture of interest. I would love to see discussion on love, marriage, and sex in regards to Paganism. I want this community to be both fun and academic.

I really hope to see some of you join!


General rule of thumb: be respectful!